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The Piquepoul Blanc is an aromatic wine demonstrating varietal pear, baked apple  and citrus aromas. The flavours of the bouquet follow onto the palate and are complimented with fresh acidity which adds to the refreshing nature of this wine. This wine is a great accompaniment to light salads, seafood and sunny afternoons.

Pig in the House Piquepoul Blanc 2023

  • The 2023 growing season was arguably the best growing season for our everpopular Piquepoul Blanc. The year threw some challenges our way, namely a wet, mild spring, but the longer-term weather forecasts were predicting a dry summer to harvest period. Piquepoul Blanc, being a variety native to the Mediterranean, is well suited to the year's conditions; it performed well. Yields were adequate, as was grapevine vigour. Piquepoul Blanc displays viticultural traits that are unique to the white wines we grow. Firstly, the fruit, while being prone to sun exposure, offers great resistance to sunburn, and the increased acid profile ensures the wines can maintain freshness. 

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