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“Organic winemaking these days is flourishing which makes Jason O’Dea and wife Rebecca’s decision 21 years ago to go down this track a very smart call indeed.
Sunday Telegraph

Pig In The House vineyard is located 20 kilometres from Cowra in the beautiful Central Ranges of New South Wales. The vineyard was established in 1996 and is owned and managed by Jason and Rebecca O'Dea.

The land was originally home to free range pigs. The owner of the property was very friendly with the pigs and they were allowed access to his house. The house that Jason and Rebecca now occupy with their 3 little pigs (children).


The Pig In The House vineyards are certified organic using Australia’s most widely used and recognised accreditation body Australian Certified Organic.

The terroir of the site lends itself to the production of premium wines.

It is our belief that a healthy soil is the building block of our organic wine production and essential to the sustainability of our farm. Through the application of compost, mulch, biodynamic preparations and carefully managed cover crops, we are building up our soil humus and organic matter levels.


After more than 10 years of organic farming we believe the vines have adapted and found their own balance. A balanced vine produces less fruit, has less growth and ripens differently to conventional vines.


We still have so much to learn about farming organically. Different varieties respond in a number of ways when farmed organically so we are still learning the best way to work with the vines and the soil.


The rewards for us will be a sustainable enterprise producing wines that exhibit characters unique only to our vineyard.

The wines are made to reflect the vineyard, soil and climate with minimal winemaking influence. We want the wines to taste and reflect our place; our region and vineyard.


Fruit purity is key. The wines are all dry, however exhibit a 'moorish' fruit sweetness. Oak influence is minimal; if you want heavy oak then go to France and lick a tree.

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